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New Avalara Rates by Address for SAP Business One customers


New integration to Avalara’s Tax Rates by Address is offered in SAP Business One version 10.0

SAP has announced that SAP Business One customers can now receive rates from Avalara through Tax Service and Tax Engine, which brings two significant improvements:

  1. Users no longer need to download and update tax tables; rates are regularly updated
  2. SAP results are now more accurate; Avalara provides tax rates by address, an accuracy improvement over tax rates by ZIP code.

Tax requirements in the US market are constantly evolving, with there being variation in requirements at the federal, state, county, city, and street address level. This makes tax requirement management in SAP Business One challenging.

Please note that Tax Service provided through Tax Rates by Address from Avalara, while convenient for most businesses, may not meet your requirements. States with notably more complex tax rules, such as Texas or California, have more parameters outside business ship-to address. It is advisable to test and evaluate the service before using it for a specific company.

With the level of complexity, to keep up with ongoing changes, and to fulfill legal requirements on tax in the US market, Tax Service connects SAP Business One to sources of up-to-date tax information. Tax Service capabilities include:

  • Predefined taxes like sales tax content
  • Tax updates management
  • Time dependent tax exemptions
  • Time bound tax rates and jurisdictions
  • Tax nexus determination

Tax Service enables you to ensure tax compliance by accurately determining taxes on transactions. Tax Service obtains details from tax information providers to supply SAP Business One with up-to-date sales tax rate and use tax rate information as and when required.

Tax Service means that customers avoid the need to maintain tax rate information in SAP Business One, reducing the administrative burden. As and when relevant marketing documents are produced in SAP Business One, a call is placed on Tax Service to provide the required tax information, this information is then available in SAP Business One marketing documents.

Ready to start using the new integration to Avalara Rate by Address?

New integration to Avalara’s Tax Rates by Address is offered in version 10.0 Feature Pack 2202 Hot Fix 1 and FP 2208. Please check which version you are running. You will need to upgrade to these versions to use the integration.

How do I know which SAP Business One version I am running? Read our blog post:


Once you find out which version you are running, please contact so we can coordinate the installation and training of this new integration for you if you are in the right version. If you need to upgrade, we will schedule some time to talk about and plan for such an upgrade.


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