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How to Know My SAP Business One Version


SAP continues to update their offerings to further improve the user experience. In this short blog you will learn how to check what version of SAP Business One you are running. It is as simple as pie!

Go to Help and then go to ‘About SAP Business One’.

A window will display with information about the specific version and feature pack you are running.

If you need to communicate to Consensus Support Team the version you are running on, you can take a screenshot of the window and send it to



What is the latest version of SAP Business One?

The latest version of SAP Business One is version 10. It offers many features and enhancements that you will find to be invaluable to your business.

SAP Business One Version 10 makes the user experience even better. If you are a current SAP Business One user, have a look at the Enhancements for SAP Business One version 10

For help optimizing your SAP Business One system or migrating to version 10, we encourage you to send us an email to . Our team at Consensus, will help you ensure your ERP system has the greatest capabilities possible.


Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.


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