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CRM features in SAP Business One

 CRM for small and midsize growing businesses 


Acquiring new customers is crucial for business success, but maintaining customer relationships is just as important. 

With integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software, the SAP Business One application helps you turn prospects into customers, grow sales and profitability, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Discover how SAP Business One – whether as an on premise or cloud deployment can help your business streamline the sales process, from tracking leads to administering after sales support – from your desk- top, tablet, or mobile device. 

Customer Relationship Management  Features in SAP Business One

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Opportunity and Sales Management
  • Gain Customer Insights through Customer Master Data
  • Customer Service Management
  • Integration between MS Outlook and SAP Business One
  • Reporting and Analytics. 

Campaigns, Opportunities, and Sales

Customer Contacts


Create, maintain, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns. 

Manage lead and customer data using a simple user interface.

Administer warranty and service information.

Track and manage sales opportuni- ties throughout the sales cycle; generate sales documents using a variety of templates. Access customer balances, credit lines, opportunities, and open orders from a single screen. Perform purchase planning using the material requirements planning wizard.
Create instant price quotes, convert them to orders, and perform real- time product availability checks. View and synchronize contacts with Microsoft Outlook. Search for solutions to customer problems in a solutions knowledge database.
Create dashboards and interactive reports for forecasting and sales analysis. Transfer data from master records to relevant transactions automatically. Monitor service levels with alerts and reports.


For more in-depth information, feel free to access the comprehensive solution brief.

CRM feature requirements vary tremendously from company to company. For some, the priority is handling their soft vendor and customer relations, starting by keeping a single source of truth when it comes to Master data and avoiding having to manually enter information each time they work on a customer’s sales quotation or order.

For others, their focus is managing their sales pipeline, increasing visibility into the different stages, and being able to make decisions to increase their closing rate, for instance.

You might even want to use CRM features to manage marketing campaigns, tracking results, and extracting reports to better target your message and offers to your installed base as well as potential customers.

In the following video you will learn how a Sales Manager becomes proactive about their pipeline to push more deals to close using the Out-of-the-Box CRM features in SAP Business One. Also, see how you can increase customer retention and nurture your customer base for up-sell opportunities.



Hear from our customers 

One of our valued customers  narrated in an interview their unique journey to SAP Business One and how its built-in CRM features played a major role in it.
Jamaica Cottage is an extremely successful builder of premium woodsheds and cottages. As a B2C manufacturing company with a heavy focus on online marketing, CRM software was always cored to their business model.

Their growth and vision demanded a strong integrated cloud-based ERP with manufacturing, financials, and inventory controls but they could not sacrifice their core: CRM.

They had been using Salesforce for the past 5 years. When they learned about all of the out-of-the-box SAP Business One CRM features they realized it was possible to have all they needed in one single system.

“SAP Business One covers all our CRM needs. (…) We feel that we are very well positioned and very well prepared for what’s coming next. We are looking to double the size of the Company in revenue, volume and size.” 

Domenic Mangano, Founder. Jamaica Cottage Shop. South Londonderry (VT).

Read the full story.


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