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Warehouse Management Optimization with SAP Business One

Warehouse Management Optimization with SAP Business One - consensus international

How do you feel about managing your inventory and warehouse? Managing a warehouse isn’t easy at all.
SAP Business One ERP for warehouse management optimization is a complete business management software that can support all aspects of your warehouse operations as your business processes get more complex.


Let’s face it. Warehouses can be a bit chaotic and confusing, so it is almost impossible to run your warehouse operations manually – no matter what kind of warehouse you run – in-house or outsourced to a 3PL company.

 Warehousing operations need an integrated, comprehensive logistics solution so you can smoothly run your logistics processes, accelerate order fulfillment cycles, respond quickly to changes, and get a holistic view of orders and costs across the supply chain.

With SAP Business One for warehouse management optimization, you can have the peace of mind of knowing what is going on in your warehouse.

At Consensus International we help small to midsized businesses optimize their warehouse operations with SAP Business One, software that focuses on the movement of inventories and their count so you can efficiently deliver on promise, keep customer satisfaction high and cost-effectively manage your supply chain, and more.


4 ways SAP Business One supports your warehouse operations process


Bin location Management with SAP Business One

Manage stock in multiple warehouses, by dividing each one into multiple subzones, set up allocation rules, optimize stock movement and reduce picking times.

SAP Business One for warehouse operations supports 4 sublevels dimensions like zone, area, row, and shelf. Bin locations can be setup with up to 10 user defined attributes like size, weight, hazardous, frozen, etc.

Sublevel and bin location codes can be managed manually or automatically with a batch generation/update/delete function. Bin locations can be defaulted on a ‘per item’, ’per item group’ and ‘per warehouse’ basis.

 Employees can define the warehouse layout and create bin locations with little effort. Storing items in individual or multiple bins make it possible for the user to find the items quickly and with ease.


Stock Movements: Goods receipt and issue control with SAP Business One

SAP Business One for warehouse operations records good receipts and goods issues in any warehouse. You can record goods receipts and issues, track stock locations and transfers; enable consignment, drop-ship, and other orders.

You will also be able to perform inventory and cycle counts. By integrating individual item prices or price lists, you simultaneously update inventory valuation.

As a result, stock levels are adjusted, inventory accounts credited or debited, and applicable inventory variances accounted for as soon as a stock movement is posted. Inventory transfer functionality allows you to readily move items from one warehouse to another.

 The SAP Business One pick and pack manager lets you easily create pick lists and pull the listed items from the inventory.


Warehouse and accounting departments integration with SAP Business One

Benefit from real-time synchronization of goods receipts and inventory levels in the warehouse to perform purchase planning with ease and create an accounts payable invoice automatically from a purchase order or goods receipt with SAP Business One for warehouse operations.

 The assurance you get from your warehouse management and your financial accounting data being consistently synchronized is priceless. Furthermore, software automatically values every goods movement and cost and price change, thereby eliminating manual interaction and the associated potential of errors and costs.


Efficient Reporting with SAP Business One

SAP Business One for warehouse operations has a comprehensive set of reports to meet any of your warehouse and inventory reporting needs. Detailed reports on stock transactions and inventory valuations, inventory counts, production planning, and material requirements provide the information necessary to make quick and effective management decisions.

When you leverage the power of SAP Business One to optimize your warehouse management, you generate integrated reports with real-time data and display them in various report formats or dashboards to gain an overview of what matters most to your business, whether you’re using your desktop or your mobile device.


SAP Business One for Inventory Management Demo

Your company manages a large warehouse and keeps inventory on site. The main issues today are around over and under stocking of inventory items, as a result orders are being delayed and customer satisfaction is diminished.

Your goal is to have better visibility into inventory turnover, overdue orders, and items with quantities below minimum or above maximum. You also want to be able to plan inventory purchases based on demand rather than gut feeling.

See how this can be achieved in SAP Business One.

Inventory counting in SAP Business One - Demo overview



Do you have enough inventory for your customers? Is your warehouse optimized to get orders to them in time? Do you have your cash stuck in your warehouse due to overstock? The secret behind a successful warehouse is optimization. SAP Business One software is an affordable option for small to midsize growing businesses looking to streamline and add efficiency to their warehouse operations.

SAP Business One offers full transparency of inventory and accounting transactions with powerful reporting tools to improve business insight. Generating up-to-the-minute reports based on continuous inventory data will translate into powerful item management. The inventory management module fully integrates with SAP Business One other modules within the solution such as sales and purchasing to provide efficient and accurate stock management.

Read how ‘I use SAP Business One to make my job, and everyone else’s, much easier’ blog article and reach out to discuss your warehouse needs.




Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains, and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.


If you are evaluating SAP Business One for your Pharma business, get in touch with us. 


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