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Small Pharma Businesses Choose SAP Business One Software

Small Pharma Businesses Choose SAP Business One Software - Consensus International


Is SAP Business One software an option for a small pharmaceutical company?

Short answer is yes. SAP offers a dedicated ERP for the needs and budget of small and growing midsize pharma businesses called SAP Business One that helps you streamline key processes, solve your specific life science’s needs, and ensure compliance at every level of the business.

Read on how Amici Pharmaceuticals implemented SAP Business One to increase sales, strengthen partnerships, and develop new business opportunities.


SAP Business One provides Amici Pharmaceuticals with the right dose of scalability

Based out of New York with a distribution center in Ohio, Amici Pharmaceuticals is a provider of generic pharmaceutical products with a focus on quality and optimized customer service with the goal to deliver safe, effective, and affordable products to the industry. Their products are sold from east coast to west coast.

Challenges and Opportunities

Amici Pharmaceutical needed to improve overall efficiency and enhance manufacturing reliability.

According to Corey Greco, VP Sales and Marketing at Amici Pharmaceuticals, “every company can make a product, everybody can put a good medication to take care of people, not everyone can get it to the market effectively and efficiently”.

This provider of generic pharmaceutical products come to Consensus International, SAP Business One Gold Partner, for the ERP implementation.

  • Amici needed to find a comprehensive solution capable of providing immediate results
  • There was a desire to increase efficiency and reliability of operations, plus streamline processes
  • A new, fully scalable, growth-oriented ERP was required to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and improve administrative costs.

Why SAP Business One and Consensus

“Consensus and SAP Business One gave us the tools to be more reliable manufacturer to our customers. In our ERP search, SAP Business One checked off all the boxes for us due to its out of the box power, its scalability and flexibility to customize”. Corey Greco, VP Sales and Marketing, Amici Pharmaceuticals.

  • SAP Business One provides an integrated platform with reliable processes and greater oversights
  • SAP Business One provided the ‘out-of-the-box power’ needed to boost operations from day one, but is also fully customizable and scalable
  • Consensus has done an impressive job at structuring the tool to meet Amici’s specific needs.

After: Value-Driven Results

“SAP Business One made us more efficient and more productive. It gave us a better insight into how our own structure is working”. Sandy Greco. Founder and CEO, Amici Pharmaceuticals.

  • Since implementation, Amici has experienced huge time-savings resulting in increased sales, strengthened partnerships and new business development opportunities
  • Overall efficiency has increased, and productivity has been enhanced
  • Management can make more informed decisions
  • Amici is now better poised for growth as their customer base expands
  • Manufacturing reliability is greater, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.

Company: Amici Pharmaceuticals

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Products and Services: acquisition, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, particularly generic niche products.

Employees: 10

Featured Solutions: SAP Business One




Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains, and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.


If you are evaluating SAP Business One for your Pharma business, get in touch with us. 


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