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Hub Tax Service in SAP Business One


SAP Localization Hub, tax service helps you to determine and calculate applicable country/region-specific indirect taxes. The tax service comes with sample tax determination and calculation content and increases automation in tax-relevant transactions.


If you are using TaaS (Tax as a Service) in SAP Business One through the SAP Localization Hub Tax Service, please note that SAP has announced it will be terminated on November 30, 2022.

To find out if you are currently using SAP Localization Hub Tax Service (which will be discontinued by November 30th, 2022), in your SAP Business One system, go to:

Modules > Administration > System Initialization > Company Details.

Select the Accounting Data on the Company Details window and scroll down to see the SAP Localization Hub Tax Service.

If the field to the right reads “Do Not Use” (like shown in the screenshot below), it means it is not active and you are not using it today. If it shows anything different than “Do Not Use”, it means you are using it.


 How to know if you are using SAP Localization Hub Tax Service in SAP Business One


Please contact to define the best plan to ensure continuity by upgrading and enabling the New Avalara Rate by Address integration before November 30th, 2022.


New integration to Avalara’s Tax Rates by Address is offered in SAP Business One version 10.0

SAP has announced that SAP Business One customers can now receive rates from Avalara through Tax Service and Tax Engine, which brings two significant improvements:

  1. Users no longer need to download and update tax tables; rates are regularly updated
  2. SAP results are now more accurate; Avalara provides tax rates by address, an accuracy improvement over tax rates by ZIP code.

You can find further details in our blog article New Avalara Rates by Address for SAP Business One customers


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