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Agriculture industry choose SAP Business One Software

Agriculture industry choose SAP Business One Software - consensus international


Distributors and manufacturers of agricultural equipment choose SAP Business One software

See how agricultural businesses are growing with SAP Business One, #1 ERP software for small to midsized companies.


The tools for harvesting success begin with SAP Business One

Located in the very center of the potato growing region in Rupert, Idaho, Norwest Manufacturing Inc. is a national distributor and manufacturer of agricultural equipment and ground engaging tools used in the aftermarket replacement industry. Its products are sold all over the United States and Canada. Norwest specializes in potato and sugar beet cultivation and harvest tools, but also is involved in most all types of row crop cultivation practices. Norwest also has strong supplies of parts used in hay, grain, and bean applications.


Challenges and Opportunities

For years, the company was running MACOLA™ software but, there’s no question that as the business grows, the tools and technology need to evolve with it.

Following a recent transfer of ownership, Norwest sought to digitally transform company processes and selected SAP Business One software and partnered with Consensus International, SAP Business One Partner, to implement the new ERP for the company and bring about greater system efficiency and ease-of-use with faster access to real-time information, streamlined warehouse and picking operations, and optimized one-click reporting.

  • Goal to digitally transform company operations following a transfer of ownership
  • Desire to increase data transparency and access to information
  • Objective to streamline warehouse, picking and inventory processes. 


Why SAP Business One and Consensus International

“We were able to do the transition from MACOLA to SAP Business One very easily. We went from old to new and were able to serve our customers and continue with business the way it was done before. The investment in SAP Business One is absolutely worth it”. Carman Carter, Owner and President at Norwest Manufacturing Equipment. 

  • Solution provides an integrated platform with growth-oriented reporting tools for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Solution offers fast, easy access to real-time data and analysis tools
  • Partner identified areas of the company with growth potential; drafted strategies for achieving growth
  • Partner provided a seamless transition with no disruption to customer service, and ongoing support


After: Value-Driven Results

“SAP Business One gives us the information we need to be able to know where we're going to grow. We see a very bright future ahead.” Carman Carter, Owner and President, Norwest Manufacturing Inc.

  • Greater overall efficiency thanks to faster, simpler access to information, such as Bills of Materials
  • Easy-to-use interface and system navigation features
  • Real-timedatavisibility/analysistoolsforbetterplanninganddecision-making, notably for Purchasing
  • Streamlined picking operations that reduced picking errors by fifty percent
  • Optimized, simplified done-click reporting in real-time



Industry: agribusiness; Industrial Machinery and Components; Wholesale Distribution; Retail; Consumer Products

Products and Services: Manufacturer-distributor of agricultural equipment and ground engaging tools used in the aftermarket replacement industry.

Employees: Over 30

Featured Solutions: SAP Business One





Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains, and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.


If you are evaluating SAP Business One for your Pharma business, get in touch with us. 


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