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4 Tips to Protect Your SAP Business One System in Hurricane Season

4 Tips to Protect Your SAP Business One System in Hurricane Season


Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs) are severely affected by natural disasters like hurricanes.

Having a plan in place could help mitigate the consequences. The impact of a hurricane on SMBs could range from a required shut down in operations due to an evacuation order, temporary loss of workforce and damage to headquarters, production sites or systems that could stop the business from producing or delivering their services for some time.

The 4 tips to protect your SAP Business One System during Hurricane Season listed below by our Support Department at Consensus, could help you restart operations sooner after the storm.

1. Backup your data offsite. Include the databases or HANA Instance, the shared folders, attachments, bitmaps, etc., using as a reference the folders of Administration→ System Initialization→ General Settings→ Path


4 Tips to Protect Your SAP Business One System in Hurricane Season-1 



2. Document the version of SAP Business One you are running. Take a screen shot of the Help→ About SAP Business One.


4 Tips to Protect Your SAP Business One System in Hurricane Season-2


3. Consider shutting down, disconnecting, and wrapping in plastic servers and computers, to protect them from leaks. Also, place them in a high area if possible.


4. VERY IMPORTANT: For SQL and HANA Servers, you must shut down manually your servers before a shutdown occurs due to possible power outages. Therefore, consider doing it before you leave your workplace today (Friday). For HANA Servers, please find a detailed step by step procedure on how to do this. 

Be prepared and protected before a hurricane strikes your area! If you need any assistance, please send an email to


More on SMBs and the Hurricane Season in Florida

Floridians know that we live in a hurricane-prone state. The State’s location makes Florida one of the most exposed places in the world to tropical windstorms and hurricanes. Because of its location, and according to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, of the 180 hurricanes that have made landfall in the continental United States since 1900, 65 have landed in Florida (the most of any state in the nation).

As a result, there is a lot of information online about how to prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida. Small and Medium size businesses should do their research and craft a Continuity Plan that adapts to their specific needs.


FEMA Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit and other resources for SMBs

A good place to start crafting your plan is the FEMA Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit.

The Ready Business Toolkit series includes hazard-specific versions for earthquake, hurricane, inland flooding, power outage, and severe wind/tornado. Toolkits offer business leaders a step-by-step guide to build preparedness within an organization. Each toolkit contains the following sections:

  • Identify Your Risk
  • Develop A Plan
  • Take Action
  • Be Recognized and Inspire Others.

You can download the FEMA Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit below both in English or Spanish.



Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

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